saloneidioms.com is a creative art studio inspired by the poignant idioms of  the Sierra Leonean heritage, written in the language spoken by 87% of the country's population, Krio.​
As a native of Sierra Leone, our founder, èsjé, is passionate about preserving the culture by sharing knowledge, through graphical illustration and typography by fusing it with a modern and contemporary edge.
Our focus is to produce fun, evocative and unique works of art that will bring a sense of pride in every Sierra Leonean that discovers our brand.
Our why
The emigration of our people abroad during the time of civil unrest, led to the gradual loss of our culture especially to second generation diasporans. Salone Idioms aims to connect us back to our roots through our emotive sayings and parables which helped to raise us through childhood.
Our motto
"No usɛf", nɔ to kɔs! meaning "Knowing yourself", isn't an insult!
It aims to reignite memories of nationalism and pride to all who discover our brand. Together, we can spread a positive message about the Land That We Love, Sierra Leone to the rest of the world.
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